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If you have project inquiries, wish to be bombarded with music recommendations, share a mutual love for dogs or cacti, or desire to educate me on off-track betting, feel free to send over an e-mail or tweet me. I'd love to hear your ideas.


Hello Giggles  (illustration)
Chapter 7 (photography)
Huffington Post (illustration)
Shape Shift (illustration)
Bread Winner (illustration)

Find My Work In

Local Wolves (Jan 2016-present)
Feels Zine (Issue 2)
Darling Magazine (online: here and here)


I'm Laura (maybe some of you know me as Lucy) and I don't believe in writing nice things about myself in third person, so instead I'll do so in first person.  I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and I run my own business (this little Etsy shop here) to which I devote every moment possible. I also illustrate for an independent, bi-monthly magazine called Local Wolves. I'm passionate about web (front-end development), identity, and layout design. 

When it comes to illustration, I work with lots of mediums and I don't shy away from experimenting with new ones. My current favorites are: colored pencil, gouache, collage, embroidery, ink, and graphite. I love to photograph people and abandoned places. I have a fascination with film photography, so I collect and use quite a few different cameras. I live in the suburbs, near Chicago. I am not a fan of the suburbs, but I love trying to find beauty where it's overlooked or ignored there. I often feel like it pushes me creatively to reach beyond set boundaries and grasp for concepts that challenge and encourage growth.

I frequent antique shops and collect old magazines, photographs, and matchbooks (and plastic cowboy figurines). Found objects and past decades tend to creep into the hearts of both my design and illustration work, entangling with fresh and unique ideas. 

I am a music-enthusiast/avid concert-goer/vinyl-collector/playlist-maker. My yearly Spotify statistics are embarrassing and reveal how much time I spend at my desk. I chronically stay up too late. I have no luck when it comes to playing Bingo, so I stay away from gambling (though something tells me off-track betting might be an option). I am a dog person. I am also a plant person. I have an obsession with American deserts, but I've never been to one. I'm a major fan of good print and packaging-design, but I share a concern of the same aptitude for the environment, which is often where my job and ideals clash. I'm constantly on the lookout for environmentaly-safe products and ways to be kinder to the planet.